Selling Records:
Swiss Records carries Records and Singles from Switzerland. We have genres like Punk, Wave, Synth-Pop, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Pop. Progressive, Art-Rock, Psychedelic, Beat, Garage and others. Beside well known artists we also carry very obscure bands. Many good bands never got the recognition they deserve.

We accept Cash and Paypal. Since the shipping cost vary from country to country you have to ask for them.

We grade very conservative. "M" is the best, "VG--" is the worst.

I am also seeling Lps and CDs at Ebay. My user name is Badsoulbrain. I have 100 % positive Feedbacks. I have been selling music on Ebay since 1999.

Reviewing CDs:
If you want me to review your bands CD send it to the following address:

Robert Pally
Sägematt 3
6204 Sempach

Here are some links to magazines I work for:

Robert Pally